Jim Matson Automotive was voted "Most Honest Mechanic" 1999 in LA Weekly.

"Make no mistake about it: The Allah of auto parts resides here - never mind that it doesn't look like what you imagined heaven to be. Enter the office and glance around: water cooler, cluttered desk, pictures of Matson's last vacation, faithful dog, and Matson in a bathing suit. Amid the mechanic's paradise, you sit before Matson and tell him of your automotive troubles. He carefully records the details into his small spiral notebook and nods. With that you slip away, knowing you car is in his competent hands. Or maybe you borrow one of the existential novels that Matson occasionally lends to his dearest friends. Or maybe you just sit transfixed as he performed his healing magic right before your eyes. Matson will never make up a problem, or even encourage you to get work you don't need -- in fact, he will often suggest an alternative solution that will cost you nothing."

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Few things give an auto mechanic hard-core streed cred faster than inspecting a customer's car and prescribing the most simple repairs - perhaps a $30 hose or a 12-buck spark plug. Better still is the mechanic who ascribes the problem to a freakish, early-morning fuel-line burp or squeaky, WD-40-thirsty struts and then recommends the customer hit the brakes with wallet fully intact, free to spend his automotive dollars on a Heal the Bay bumper sticker and an antenna ball. It also doesn't hurt if that mechanic has a silver ponytail and a rustic-cozy waiting room with a shelf full of fuzzy, spiritual self-improvement books, giving him the feel of a Vermont gentleman-farmer/philospher. It also helps if said mechanic's shop - Jim Matson Automotive - has a constant flow of cars, from beat-up Rabbits to gleaming Infinitis, with big repairs costing more than a month's rent done as promised, to complete satisfaction. 4320 W. Pico Blvd., Mid-City.
(323) 939-2171, jimmatson.com


    - Adam Gropman




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ASC Mission Statement
The Automotive Service Councils of California, an association primarily comprised of independently owned automotive repair facilities, exists to promote the continuing success of its embers and to advance the professionalism of the automotive industry.

The ASC Code of Ethics:
1. To promote good will between the motorist and the industry.
2. To have a sense of personal obligation to each individual customer.
3. To perform high quality repair service at a fair and just price.
4. To employ the best skilled personnel obtainable.
5. To use only proven merchandise of high quality distributed by reputable firms.
6. To itemize all parts and adjustments in the price charged for service rendered.
7. To retain all parts replaced for customer inspection, if so requested.
8. To uphold the high standards of our profession and always seek to correct any and all abuses within the automotive industry.
9. To uphold the integrity of all members.
10. To refrain from advertisement which is false or misleading or likely to confuse or deceive the customer.

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